Alien Invasion of Earth

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In novel Discovery serial Hawking’s uber-brain postulates intelligent life forms may pose a threat to the globe which would last devastating for all mankind. Aliens powerfulness only raid globe for its resources too and then displace on: “We solely receive got to facial expression at ourselves to consider how intelligent life powerfulness educate into something nosotros wouldn’t wishing to meet. “I imagine they powerfulness be inwards massive ships, having used upwards all the resources from their domicile planet. “Such advanced aliens would perhaps function nomads, looking to conquer too colonize whatever planets they tin reach.”

I had some other article planned for this week, but inwards low-cal of this recent claim, I idea it powerfulness last interesting to consider aliens too infinite move inwards some other to a greater extent than realistic light. First of all, it helps to receive got some mutual understanding on precisely what nosotros hateful past aliens. For this article, I volition assume your bring on the term “aliens” is of the “Dr. Spock” sort amongst long pointy ears too curious ways most them. It is interesting how yous tend to speculate too evaluate other species, either local or alien, based on the characteristics too peculiarities of your ain species, equally if yous await your aliens to receive got 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 arms, legs too identical digits too speak words through the utilization of lips, natural language too mouth. In your ain reality yous tend to identify yourselves at the function past of the evolutionary pyramid, amongst other species on your ain planet beneath yous too some of yous because of this misguided conclusion, experience yous receive got the correct to exploit other species for your ain benefit.

Stephen Hawking is of course of study good known for his impressive intellect which is helpful when investigating too evaluating physical facts, but when yous verbalize “aliens”, yous must sometimes function beyond physical facts, since the existence of some what yous would phone telephone alien civilizations exercise non fifty-fifty be on your same plane. Some alien civilizations exercise be inwards your dimension or universe but these alien realities are invisible to your physical senses since they be inwards their ain reality systems. Every arrangement of reality, such equally Earth, creates is ain reality arrangement amongst its ain physical constructions just equally yous do, hence fifty-fifty though these alien systems exercise be on the same aeroplane equally yours, unless yous part mutual physical constructions, yous volition non perceive them. These alien civilizations exercise receive got access to your planet, but inwards club to interact, they would receive got to last able alter their fabric construction to last compatible amongst yours, or yous amongst theirs. Only really advanced identities receive got reached this grade of accomplishment.

There is of course, the little affair of distance involved equally long equally yous are talking of the physical universe, too at that topographic point are no other intelligent beings inwards your solar arrangement to brand contact amongst or to last invaded by. As long equally yous contemplate move past infinite vehicles, yous must ever bargain amongst the distance problem, too yous at your phase of development, only don’t possess the necessary engineering too yous don’t receive got plenty fourth dimension to acquire to where yous wishing to function to sit down downwardly too receive got a beer amongst a “Klingon”. This is non impossible inwards your future, too your planet has been visited earlier too volition last over again past to a greater extent than advanced beings, but in all likelihood non for some time. The inference hither is that yous are to a greater extent than probable to last visited than yous are to exercise the visiting since the engineering involved is quite beyond anything yous tin envision at this time.

The theory that Stephen Hawking speculates about, that aliens are apt to invade your planet for its resources is hence far off base of operations to almost last laughable. First, yous would receive got to assume that your resources would last usable past them, too equally I receive got said, all reality systems build too interacts amongst their ain unique constructions too they exercise non receive got the powerfulness to utilize YOUR constructions for their ain purposes. Secondly, yous would receive got to assume that alien beings amongst such advanced engineering would all the same last hence emotionally too psychologically deficient equally to last influenced past the same motivations equally your ain world, amongst its proclivities toward solving its problems past killing others that disagree amongst you, exploiting the other species that part yous planet too spoiling your ain environment.

I receive got said many times that the globe arrangement is a learning system, a arrangement where yous brand the mistakes that yous are making too larn from them, too inwards the pursuit of perfection, yous volition brand mistakes, some modest too some grave, but yous volition learn, no affair how grave your errors, too inwards the learning process, yous tin destroy nothing, fifty-fifty tough it may non seem that manner from your acquaint perspective. What yous seem to destroy on globe lives on, is non actually destroyed, but returns or remains dormant until circumstances alter that volition last to a greater extent than supportive too furnish the necessary fulfillment that all living consciousness strives for.

To receive got the theory that yous could last perchance last invaded past alien civilizations is ludicrous, but since many exercise non empathize the basics of reality, yours too others, space, planets, planes too dimensions, I volition give the reasons that this volition NEVER happen.

1. Travel from other planets to yours is such a hard endeavor, that it could solely last accomplished past really advanced civilizations, too to move such distances would last done solely for curiosity too non for attacking some other civilization. The ground arrangement is a “beginners reality system” too yours is the solely civilisation that kills. Period! There is no other civilisation that kills, too at that topographic point are countless alien systems amongst what yous would phone telephone alien beings throughout your universe too others.

2. Since all civilizations, yours too others, too yes, fifty-fifty the Romulans too Klingons, create their ain reality, including their ain constructions utilizing their ain elements, at that topographic point is no demand to function flitting most the universe to discovery other sources for anything they need. After yous receive got graduated out of the ground system, yous volition hopefully receive got attained some realization, understanding too proficiency inwards the creation of whatever type of fabric or non-material constructions that are endemic to your arrangement too naught needs to last given. When yous give this point, naught demand last given to yous since yous only build what yous wishing inwards your ain personal environment, experience it, larn from it too create again. Creation never ends.

3. There are many technologies that volition last attained past other to a greater extent than advanced alien civilizations that volition let them to displace into your atmosphere too perhaps pay yous a visit, but fifty-fifty though they may last from your ain aeroplane or dimension, yous must empathize the difficulty involved inwards visiting other civilizations, no affair how advanced. When the aliens exit their domicile planet inwards their domicile system, they must exercise so, inherently carrying along amongst them their ain unique constructions. In other words, fifty-fifty their infinite vehicle, constructed using their ain free energy patterns, must last taken along amongst them on the journey, which yous volition understand.

What yous may non empathize is that upon reaching your world, earth, they must utilize massive amounts of free energy to transform their vehicle, too their really identities (bodies) to adjust to the arrangement that they are visiting. Translation, just equally yous must transform your behavior, too characteristics to dive into the ocean, hence the aliens must adopt the forms mutual to the planet, or arrangement they are visiting. This “transmutation of form” is solely for the most advanced entities, too the transformation, because of the difficulties involved cannot last maintained for whatever length of fourth dimension inwards a unusual arrangement or on a unusual planet. What this agency is that an alien civilisation volition non last able to rest inwards “your ground system” for whatever appreciable length of time, but must revert dorsum to their inherent form, constructed inwards their ain system.

Your astronauts see the Moon too acquire past quite good using artificial methods for breathing too pressure. The pressures involved inwards maintaining fifty-fifty their infinite vehicle inwards an alien environs are non sustainable for whatever length of fourth dimension too were 2 alien civilizations to contemplate a merging, it would receive got to last done through beingness born into that system, non through physical transplanting from i populace to another.

4. You receive got seen other vehicles inwards your skies too assumed they were from some other planet inwards your universe, too yous receive got wondered at their unusual behavior. These aliens were non from your aeroplane at all, but wandered into your champaign of perception past accident. As their vehicle struggled to hold some sort of presence inwards your world, it is necessarily distorted from your viewpoint. What yous consider is non the existent center of their vehicle, but a mid-way materialization consisting of partially their actual construction too what yous build from what yous build too and then perceive. Actually, then, what yous seem to consider is a hybrid, non able to sustain its presence for to a greater extent than than a brusque fourth dimension inwards your system. You volition non last invaded past flight saucers. Ever.

5. Finally, a bespeak that should last considered, too the most hard to comprehend. Time too infinite are illusionary, although granted, when yous wishing to move inwards your acquaint universe, yous must bargain amongst vast distances that at to the lowest degree at this fourth dimension inwards your development, acquaint almost impossible difficulties because it volition bring yous likewise long to acquire inwards at your destination. By the fourth dimension that novel powerfulness sources, similar traveling a beam of light, are possible, it volition last mutual noesis that at that topographic point actually is no where to go. Sure, distance is relative inwards a physically constructed universe, but yous physical universe is just the physical version that yous are using now. It is a camouflage, cloaking the underlying basic universe that is the topographic point of all worlds, dimensions too universes too that underlying inner universe occupies No SPACE.

This is hard to verbalize, but all that exists, inwards every universe, plane, dimension, all planets, comets, nebula, stars too quasars be inwards a medium that has naught to exercise amongst infinite or distance or fourth dimension for that matter. What seems to last quantitative, is inwards fact qualitative too fourth dimension too distance exists solely inwards an interpretation of an inner value of character depth. What this agency is that the universe that yous know, is non vast is distance, but inwards psychological depth. In relation to our discussion, at that topographic point actually is NO WHERE TO GO, since all occurs inwards dissimilar psychological depths, vibrational patterns too mental constructions too the mobility of consciousness volition bring yous wherever yous wishing to go, inwards your damage instantaneously. You are some manner off from using these abilities of shipping of consciousness that are straight off latent inwards your mental genes, but they volition gradually come upwards to the surface inwards your species.

What I am maxim hither is that long distance move inwards the physical universe volition never last practical other than from the physical perspective. If yous wishing to consider what it’s similar on Alpha Centauri, imagine yourself there. If yous are non successful this fourth dimension around, don’t despair, yous volition last some day. This is a truth underlying everything that is: EVERYWHERE IS HERE AND NOW. You carve upwards it upwards amongst time, spread it out amongst distance, but the underlying prime number reality exists amongst or without fabric constructions, distance too time.

Finally, I know this is hard too inwards some respects, unbelievable, but my intent is non to prevarication to you, deceive yous or dilute the fabric equally for children, but to acquaint reality equally it actually is too promise that at to the lowest degree it makes yous wonder. Wonderers, or those who wonder volition function knowledgeable. If yous wonder, yous are discovering the journeying that yous receive got ever been on, inwards that respect, I receive got succeeded. It may assist to recall most dreaming too the dream world. You tin experience a trip from coast to coast, from metropolis to city, across your whole terra firma without missing anything on the manner inwards a fraction of physical fourth dimension that it would bring inwards your car. Three people sleeping inwards the same room tin dream their ain landscape inwards this mutual infinite amongst no crowding, too taking that into consideration, your life, your environment, your populace is similar a superlative dream past your entity/soul.

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